Who I am

Hello! I'm Priya, a freelance graphic designer based in Southsea, UK, and I specialise in illustration and brand design. I graduated with merit from University of the Arts, London in 2013. For the past four years, I have been freelancing through my firm The Lime Jar Studios and have been fortunate enough to receive many wonderful projects, some of which you can read reviews for on this page.

What I do

Services range from Branding, Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics and many others. I am always enthusiastic about exploring new creative opportunities so drop me a line here!

Client Reviews

I had a fantastic experience working with The Lime Jar. It is simply amazing how they were able to convey our vision into an illustration by chatting with us via technology!
— Archana Sahgal, Washington DC
The final product looks very elegant and professional. Couldn’t have asked for a better logo! ..the finished product met our needs perfectly and in fact exceeded them. Additionally, working with the Lime Jar studios was a fantastic experience.. Lastly, having multiple options to choose from at every stage of the design process was extremely helpful in narrowing down on the perfect design. Correspondence was very prompt which really helped us get our logo and our website launched in time. The final product was everything we had hoped for and we are very pleased with the same!
— Aakash Lamba, New Delhi
It was refreshing to work with someone who really took into consideration my vision for my brand but also my preferences in terms of style. I didn’t expect the process to be so efficient either, the turn around time was really fast...I was extremely satisfied with the final product. I feel the design is really adding value to my brand and represent exactly what we stand for.
— Karine Belondrade, London
Loved the design of the logo. It perfectly symbolizes the services we offer, and Priyasha also incorporated some wonderful regional elements in the logo. We, in fact, went with the first logo we were offered. Prompt service and wonderful design!
— Vipul Agarwal, Mumbai
Excellent...very very professional and a cut above the rest...a treat to have been associated.
— Nidhi Bhatnagar, New Delhi