Workshop / National Gallery

14/11/11 This Monday we went to the National Gallery to study characters in paintings. It was really nice as we got to look at paintings in depth, imagining what the characters are like, what their motives are, what kind of tea they drink, and observing the kind of environment they are set in, what colors are most prominent in that environment, if it would have been different with different colors or different placements of objects and people. Some paintings were really nice to look at and each tiny detail was done with deliberation having some element that added to the whole point of the painting.We tried to draw a few paintings without looking at what we were drawing. But this time, it was more interesting to draw with my left hand (or the "other" hand). It was like when we were kids, seeing and drawing without focussing too much on how something should be, and just trying to get what I see as I see it. This was a wonderful painting by Edgar Degas called "Combing the Hair". The color red has been used amazingly to depict the warmth of a new life about to become. I did a one minute drawing of the painting using my "other" hand.

We also had an excercise where we had about 5 minutes to draw from a painting, then leave our sketchbooks next to the painting and go correct other peoples' drawings of different paintings while they corrected ours. We switched about 2-3 different sketchbooks. It was really nice to observe how we can be over critical of other peoples' work and how easy it is to try and correct work that is not ours. The drawing that turned out in the end was much better than it would have been if i had done it on my own. It made me realise that its important to see work from a different person's perspective, as to not be too undercritical of your own work and see it as it is.