Life Drawing with Maryclare

Life drawing sessions with Maryclare are quite fun. She makes it very interesting, reading out excerpts from books while we draw. In this particular excercise we were supposed to draw different poses of the hand and foot in the same place with colored pencils to get an idea of how they move. Somehow my brain found this really hard to do and I was struggling with distinguishing each pose from another, which is why I then decided to do them beside each other rather than on top of each other.

It was very helpful to know that while drawing human figures (or anything live for that matter), it is best to look at shapes of negative spaces that are being formed, not just the objects themselves, so we can try to get the same negative spaces on paper. Also its important to look at things in relation to each other. The shoulders to the head, the stick to the hands, the feet on the mat, the position of the stick in relation to the feet. Both these things combined are most likely to result in a more accurate drawing.

I always seem to have a hard time with perspective and the human anatomy, but it wasn't so bad this time. It took me a couple of attempts to get each drawing more or less like I wanted it. I need to work on drawing cloth, like the one that the model is on. I always seem to want to straighten it out to get the perspective right, instead of drawing it as it is. Its like Maryclare says, "to learn, you must unlearn."