Character Design Workshop / Vincent Woodcock

07/11/11 This workshop was one of my favorite classes so far. The day started out with Vincent asking us to step out of our usual drawing approach by trying a new technique : not looking at the paper while we were drawing! Yes. We were given about 30 seconds or something to draw someone without a single peek at our sketchbooks and without lifting our pencils off the paper. This was the first time i had tried something like that. At first, i thought i would have nothing but scribbles on my paper, but was pleasantly surprised by what i got. Agreed, the scribbles looked nothing like the people that i was drawing but i could see many different character possibilities in each of the scribbles.







I am definitely going to try this approach out often. I think it will be a really good tool to get through a creative block also.

After that, we were asked to draw an obese male ballet dancer. This was my version of it And this was Vincent's version of it based on my drawing ↓






It was really interesting to note that to make a character seem more obese, drawing the hands and feet really small will help a lot. Its almost like when you draw them really tiny, it enhances the thickness of the arms and legs through the contrast in size.

Also, I learnt was that its important not to close off the arms, legs or any part of the body in a drawing (the way i have done with the ballet dancer's right thigh), because it will only seem like the rest of it is detached, and not a part of the body.

Next we were asked to design characters from an animal reference. I made a female meerkat secret agent

I liked the second drawing better than the first one, so thats what i made the clay model out of. I was quite happy with the way it turned out 



Will finish it soon and paint it with acrylics!