Effort and Weight - Push

[I have written this post before, but for some unexplained reason, it fails to appear on my blog or on my dashboard. So here I am, writing it again.] 31/10/2011   We had to do an exercise with a character depicting effort and weight. It could have been a push, a pull, a lift or something similar. Steve had us push and pull each other sitting on a chair to take video references. Since Christmas was coming up, i thought it would be perfect time to have an elf push a big gift box! I wanted to have a very simple character for this assignments so that its not that hard to animate. It was my first time animating a character for acting in drawn animation. I came up with this elf with a round head (frowned upon by character designers, I know, but easier to animate!)

Then I did the keys and inbetweened the basic shape for the push:



On emailing this to my  mentor Brad Silby, he told me to do the following corrections : - On the 'freeze frame' poses, have a "boiling effect". This involves tracing the same drawing and alternating both the drawings with each other so that the frame does not look static. - To watch my volume as the legs keep growing and shrinking. - Add something more in the moment where he has a breath intake. "Milk the moment".

I tried to fix all that and then traced my elf over the rough drawings. This is what i got. It looks much better now ! [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwqACX0b0aE[/youtube]

Will add the gift box and color it soon!