Moodchange Walk

28/11/11 & 5/12/11 This assignment took a long time to finish. It required us to change the pace and mood in a walk. The idea was to have the character walk into screen, have something happen that changes his mood, and then have him walk out of the screen. For example, he walks in happy, sees a sign that says "Sold Out" and walks out sad or depressed. I wanted to do something really simple. I haven't done a lot of walk cycles so I wanted to experiment with some basic happy/sad walk cycles. After going through a range of ideas I decided to have Morphy ( come in  from screen right depressed, see a gold coin, pick it up, put it in his pocket, and walk out from screen left happy and ecstatic.

For some reason, I was more comfortable animating them in place and then converting the "on-the-spot" walk into progressive walk cycle.[youtube][/youtube] There is a jerk in the legs and the head doesn't feel right. It seems unbalanced.

[youtube][/youtube] A jerk in there somewhere as well. And it could be smoother on the whole.

I don't know if I should have made the walk cycles progressive in the first go or if its okay to convert them later. Either ways, it took a lot of calculations to move the controls exactly in place to get it rightly converted into progressive! I am not exactly a math genius. I also fixed the jerks that were occuring in both walks and the head in the depressed walk.

Then I did the animation of him picking up the coin and putting it in his pocket. Next time I will try to do it directly into progressive rather than building a loop first and see how it turns out.