Story boarding workshop : Tim Farts-a-lot!

18/01/12 This was a very fun day at school where we were put into groups and we have to come up with an animatic at the end of the day. I was with Amber, Temi and David and we had to share our most embarrassing stories in order to come up with something. Before that Steve talked about the 8 basic story plots which i felt like sharing here.1. Cinderella - Protagonist finally finds her truly deserved happiness by marrying the handsome prince. (Pretty Woman, My Fair Lady) 2. Achilles - The one fatal flaw, speaks for itself (The Lawrence of Arabia, Amadeus) 3. Faust -  The debt that must be paid (Wall Street, Bonfire of the Vanities) 4. Tristan - The eternal triangle (Fatal Attraction, The Graduate) 5. Circe - The spider and the fly, applicable to most horror movies (The Hitcher) 6. Orpheus - The gift that's taken away, loss of life, love, limbs, etc. 7. The Indomitable Hero - Rocky, Die Hard 8. Romeo and Juliet- Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy finds girl (or not as the case may be) Franky and Johnny, Westside story Really interesting to note that almost all movies without their "twists" fall into one of these categories. Again, courtesy : Steve Roberts

So here's the animatic we came up with at the end of the day !