Acting - Facial Expressions

06/02/11 I was planning on doing this one in 2d to use my character Irma from the character design project, but then decided to do it in 3d. Here's the animatic:[youtube][/youtube]

I had a lot of problem handling the pole vectors on the IK arms in this one. I didn't know that there was an option to right click and snap to FK. Saw the demo video afterwards. Well, its never too late! Here's the the video:


I wanted to do the smoke effects and have some blood dripping down her face from the nail but I still have to learn how to. I will watch some tutorials on smoke and fluid and try to update this version.

[UPDATE] Sorry guys, was a bit sleepy when I put up this post that I forgot to write what the assignment was about. Well the assignment is a "chain" assignment. It includes the whole class with each person's character having a reaction to the previous person's character and then giving the next person something to react to. For example, the person before me, Steph Ward, is having her character shoot a nail from a nail gun at me. I react to it by getting hit, and give David Crump (the person after me) something to react to by having my character come at him as a zombie. All these shorts will be cut together to form one whole chain reaction movie and will be displayed somewhere at some point of time!