Lip Sync - Thank you, Clarice!

20/02/11 For the second lip sync assignment, we had to do find a monologue/dialogue of our own that we had to lip sync to. I went through a few movie trailers and movie quotes that I liked and finally settled for "Thank you, Clarice, thank you" from Silence of the Lambs. I started out with modifying the Morpheus rig ( to look a bit evil and rich. There is a second character in the scene, Clarice, that I didn't work on much as we don't even see her face. I didn't want a lot of attention on her, just that she could come and serve him his dish. Here is the final short, lit and rendered.



I thought that the lipsync still need working on. Also, there is still intersection of the models in a lot of places. It also needs a break in symmetry. It was hard for me to work with the arms on this one, trying to keep penetration at a minimum. Will try and see if i can fix it though a different approach.