For London Spectacle - On to production

05/03/12  Monday was here, only about a week to go to finish animating, lighting and compositing of the Moving Poster! It was time to get to production. We quickly divider roles. I was animating the dancer, Temi was animating the choir in the background, and David was doing the lighting and compositing. I've never animated someone dancing before and i was a bit scared. It was a big task to take up in such a small amount of time. I remembered a short drawn animation by Ryan Woodward I had seen before. Its really well done with great weight and timing. [youtube width="350" height="250"][/youtube]

What kind of dance was the girl in the poster doing?  It seemed slow, but the dress and the ambience made me think of jazz, rather than ballet or any other classical dance. This video of Helene Stanley dancing for the making of Disney's Sleeping Beauty seemed close. [youtube width="350" height="250"][/youtube]

I started looking at loads of slow jazz dance videos and tried taking one of myself dancing as I didn't want to copy exactly from a YouTube video, but saying that I have two left feet is an understatement! My mentor Brad Silby suggested that I look at more videos and put together the moves from different dance pieces that i liked most. I would have to figure out what looked best and connect all the moves in harmony. Here are some videos that i found helpful:

[youtube width="250" height="150"][/youtube] [youtube width="250" height="150"][/youtube]