Lighting, Compositing and the Final Movie!

13/03/12 After I finished animating the dancer the best i could in the given time, it was time to render it. David had provided me with a light rig made of two spotlights. I was just supposed to parent it to the hip control for it to work, but its never that simple. It took a lot more work than I expected. The dancer kept intersecting with either or both of the spotlights at many points during length of the animation causing some weird shadow like effect in air. Also there was over-exposure of the light on the dancer's arms. So I reduced the intensity of the lights and tried fixing the "shadows in the air" as much as I could by rendering out a lot of test frames. I had to move the spotlights manually rather than having them automatically follow the hip control.

I realised it didnt feel right to have two spotlights come in and have the girl's shadow only in one direction. So I turned on the other spotlight shadow, but that resulted in a very grainy shadow where the spotlights met the floor. Also, there was an odd texture on the dancer's hair. I didn't know how to initially, but then managed to get rid of that extra shadow by increasing the number of shadow rays in the mental ray shadow settings. That seemed to fix the texture on her hair as well. This is what the final lighting looked like. On tuesday morning, we met to composite everything together. It turned out that Temi had found this piece of music that we could use called The Mooche by Duke Ellington and his Orchestra. We put the music with the composition and here is the final movie for the London Transport Museum. Enjoy!



Disclaimer:  To our knowledge, "The Mooche" by Duke Ellington and his Orchestra is free to use. If there are any objections about copyright issues, please let us know by leaving a comment here and we will gladly comply.