New projects!

After the Moving Poster project, it was time to move on to the next one. The new Project involves creating a Micro Short of about a minute inspired from Shakespeare's plays, either Twelfth Night or the Tempest. The client here is The Royal Shakespeare Company. This short will be played in the RSC Theatre in Stratford-Upon-Avon when completed. I wanted to do something comedic rather than fantastical, so I chose to do something from Twelfth Night, rather than the Tempest. It was a tough read; I had to go through the modern translation side by side ( It made it much easier to understand. It was wonderful with so many characters that were all spun together with this play. Misunderstandings, disguises, and mistaken identities, all the ingredients of a good comedy.

I loved all the side characters in this play. Feste, the fool, makes for a wonderful mysterious wise man, ironically. Sir Andrew Aguecheek, Maria and Sir Toby Belch, were wonderful devices to add comedy in between the love stories of the main characters. Malvolio, the head steward, makes the fun possible, being the person whom the pranks are played on. Will proceed to think of a concept, now that I've read Twelfth Night.