Twelfth Night as it exists

There are many adaptations of Twelfth night that have been made into movies and animations. Of these I watched the 1996 adaptation with Helena Bonham Carter as Olivia and Ben Kingsley as Feste (selling points of the movie for me) This adaptation had a more dramatic portrayal of Twelfth Night rather than comedic. I prefer a comedic interpretation of the film as that is how I perceived it when I read it. I also watched She's  the Man (2006) which was basically Twelfth Night, Hollywood style. It centered around Viola, a teenager who wants to play football and goes dressed as her brother Sebastian to get selected in the boy's team. Although it qualifies as a "chick flick", I must say it was quite interesting to watch how something from the 1600s has been converted into something so modern.

There are a few references to Twelfth night in Shakespeare in Love (1998) where a lady from a wealthy family disguises herself as a boy so she could become an actor. The BBC Shakespeare Animated Tales were quite fun as well.  I really liked the character design in the Twelfth Night tale. Take a look :