Concept pitch

After a couple of rejected concepts I finally decided I liked one. I emailed it to Shelley Page and Bea Hendry to ask them what they thought of my concept. Here is that email. My concept basically focusses on what happens behind the scenes with Sir Toby Belch and Maria, the serving maid. In the play, Sir Toby Belch continuously praises Maria for her "devious" ways when she tricks Malvolio into wearing the yellow stockings. He even says he would marry her. We do not know if this is serious or not. But in the end we learn that they have both married.

The story starts with Sir Andrew Aguecheek walking into Maria's chambers looking for Sir Toby. He trips and falls, unknowingly dropping the ring that he had brought for Olivia whom he had come to court. He gets up and leaves, carrying on his search for Sir Toby. Then Maria comes in and sees the ring. She picks it up and jumps to the conclusion that it was from Sir Toby, who had kept on praising her all this time, even asking her to marry him earlier on. She goes on to look for Sir Toby and finds him drunk in the basement. She asks him about the ring and he nods his drunken head. Taking this as an affirmative, she gets excited and takes him away to find the clergyman that Olivia had called for to marry her and Sebastian. That is how Maria and Sir Toby get married in all this drunken confusion. In the end we see Sir Andrew realizing that he lost the ring, and looking for the ring everywhere.

Shelley Page replied with some really good pointers: 1. Some actors have prior knowledge that the audience might not be aware of. For example, why does Andrew have the ring in the first place? 2. Maria's assumption needs to be clearer. Her reason for believing that the ring is for her needs to be portrayed visually. Will need to edit my story keeping these factors in mind. She also suggested I look at the episode of Friends where Joey accidentally proposes to Rachel. I believe its the last episode of the 8th season of Friends called "The one where Rachel has a baby" Have seen it a long time back. Will try to find it so I can watch it again!