Initial storyboard for Micro Short

Considering Shelley's suggestions about the evidence of characters having previous knowledge of some things, I added a few devices to the story. The new story takes place in a balcony. In the first scene, Andrew is sitting on the railing, looking at a picture of Olivia and the ring which he's brought for her, thus establishing that the ring was for her. Toby is sitting on the floor with glasses and bottles lying around. Maria walks in and starts cleaning. Andrew, in his attempt to get off the rail, trips and falls. The ring falls into one of the mugs, without Andrew realising it. Maria and Toby laugh at his fall, making eyes at each other. Andrew is embarrassed and walks out. Maria continues cleaning and picks up the mug. She sees the ring in it, thinks its for her, wears it. Toby has passed out by now. They get married without Toby realising. He wakes up next morning and screams in realisation. Scene ends with Andrew searching for the ring. I made a few storyboards for this:

On showing these to Steve, he thought there were a lot of things happening to cover in one minute. I needed to cut it down so it could fit in the time limit. I am going to work on cut the story short.