Research Essay/Final Story

Fixed my story keeping Shelley's and Steve's points in mind. It is part of my 2000 word research essay for the Micro Short, although it ended up being a lot more than that. The essay includes my research on the characters and the setting of the story. The story now goes as: It starts in a bar called Illyria Arms. Two friends, Andrew and Toby, one thin as a stick and one round as a ball, are sitting and having drinks. They have been there a while and have had one too many. Andrew is in smitten and is planning on proposing to his lady love soon. Telling Toby this, he shows him a picture of his beloved Olivia and the ring he plans to give her. Toby nods his head in approval and drunkenness. Andrew passes out and his head suddenly falls on the table. The ring that was in his hand jumps over and falls into an empty mug. Nobody notices. Andrew snores away drooling on the table. Maria, the barmaid, a strong handsome woman, comes to get the empty mugs. Toby catches her eye and the womanizer that he is, rolls his tongue at her. She blushes and makes eyes at him. Toby hands her the empty mugs. She takes the mugs, smiles and starts to walk away. She suddenly notices something shiny in one of the mugs. She takes it out and cannot believe her eyes! This is the moment she has been waiting for all her life. She puts on the ring and looks back to her newly found suitor. He has passed out as well and is already snoring. Too elated to care, she drags him up by his hands starts dancing in excitement with him drooling on her shoulder. Toby is too drunk to wake up. The bar in the background turns white and wedding bells ring. Toby wakes up the next morning in a strange bed. He turns over and sees the barmaid next to him. He looks at his hand and sees a wedding band on his finger. He yells out in horror and realisation of the happenings of the previous night. Noooooooooooo! The credits roll in and we see Andrew waking up in the bar and searching for the ring but unable to find it.

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