Finally, after completely occupying (almost forcefully) two friends' laptops to render, I was done with the movie and all set to submit. But as things always have to go wrong at the last minute, it turned out that one of the scenes had a random tray model floating in mid air that I COULD NOT FIND ANYWHERE ON THE SCENE FILE. I know it sounds impossible and that you would think that if its in the render, its on the scene, but I swear it wasn't! Not in the outliner, not even when I hit "Show all objects". And after I spent 4 more hours in school trying to fix that render, the tray went away just as it had come. No idea how! Its like it decided it had enough fun! But thankfully, it was all over after that and I was able to submit it before the day ended.Will not post the final movie online right now as I want to enter it into a couple of competitions and there might be objections. Off to a nice well deserved break now!