Another poster project!

We had received our briefs for the group project next term before we broke for the summer. It is a collaboration with the London Transport Museum and Transport for London and involves creating a poster-inspired short for the London Undergrounds 150th anniversary next year in 2012. Seems like an exciting opportunity. Was a bit unsure about doing another film inspired from an LTM poster, the previous one being the LTM ballerina for Francis Ernest Jackson's "For London Spectacle". But looking at all the wonderful collection of posters we were given to choose from waved off any unsurity! Here are some of my favorites from the 159 posters that were provided:


BUT HERE'S THE KICKER! Only 8 ideas from the 30 or so ideas that will be pitched when school opens are going to be selected to be made. The people who are chosen are going to direct their stories with the other people who will work with them in groups of four/five. CSM's next top animator !