And we have a winner.

It was hard to shortlist one from the posters I liked as there were some good ideas that came to me when I looked at quite a few of them. But I decided to settle for an idea that I liked most and was a bit unlike me. But I suppose it must be in there somewhere! It was for the poster "Kew Gardens" by Edwin Tatum in 1956.

This character and this poster are so beautiful! The flat colors are so well used, nice and warm and easy to look at. I love the simplified yet detailed garland surrounding the text of the ad.

The basic idea of my story is about this little girl, whom I've named Lily, who has lost her parents when she was little. She goes to her parents graves to decorate them beautifully with flowers. Spring is nice and blooming with new flowers, summer starts to grow more fruits, autumn comes and the flowers are gone and all that is left is nuts and pinecones. Winter comes and everything is wet frozen and there is nothing she can decorate the graves with. She's at the bus stop one winter day, and papers fly out of her bag. She tries to gather the papers and one of them crumples to look like a flower. She suddenly gets and idea! She runs home and fills her flower basket with paper flowers that she makes! Goes back to the graves in the morning and decorates them with her precious paper flowers. As she sits down to admire them, a tiny little flower bud falls on her head. She looks up to see the first flowers of spring and smiles. The winter had passed.

 This is a sketch i did of how I imagined her sitting by the graves with her little dog Lucifer who is her best friend and companion. I googled the name Lucifer and it means "light-bearer" which is actually appropriate for this situation. I realise it is a funny name for a dog! I thought it might be easier to watch her if she had a friend, rather than watching a little girl going through so much pain alone. My earlier thoughts on the story was that the dog goes and fetches her the flying papers back and as she takes the crumpled paper from his mouth, it looks like a flower.

Another option that I thought of was that the story could start with her at home with her grandmother, so we have an establishment for the fact that she doesnt actually live alone, and does have someone looking after her.

But then I thought it might be hard to add another character into the story given the time we have for this project, which is only 7 weeks. Will try to do the storyboard and put it together as an animatic to see how the story is actually looking, for the pitch on Thursday!