Pitching Time!

The day had come when the decision was going to be made if I was going to get to create my story or not. To be honest, there was a little part of me that was a bit apprehensive about being chosen, only because the season changes and the whole environment of the film would be really hard to create in 3d!Here is the animatic of the prospective short, which I've also decided to name "Lily". The colors in the back represent the changes in seasons. Put in some music there just to give a feel of the mood.


If I did get selected, I thought about maybe doing the backgrounds completely in 2d and just have the character Lily in 3d. I wanted to do a toon render on my 3d scenes and sort of achieve a similar look as Gary, the short film :

I wasn't expecting to get chosen but when the votes came in the next day, I was informed that I was selected! That gave me a little more confidence to see that there were people who actually did like the story.. Looks like Lily gets to be made! We were also told that the LTM people might want to discuss the things that they didn't like in the stories that were chosen, I knew that I would have to think of a way around the graveyard. We had to choose our groups and my group that came to be is Kyle, Temi and Monalisa. A good mix of people and can't wait to get started!