No Graves.

There was a meeting of all the directors at the London Transport Museum with the LTM and TFL people, the clients, to discuss what they want from our stories. My group and I, had discussed of alternatives to having the graveyard in the story. Some of these ideas, including suggestions from other people were:1. Instead of the graves of her parents, maybe a doll gets run over and the little girl buries it at Kew 2. Buries a bird that died, and the same bird flies back into the scene to give it a happy ending. 3. Memorial statues at Kew

Out of these, the best looking so far would be to have a statue or a unique looking stone where she and her parents used to visit. She could lay flowers there instead of  at a graveyard. We thought about having a photo album that would open to have her pictures as she grew up, with her parents and then with her grandmother. There could be one of her and her parents at the sculpture, so people could get the association of her laying flowers at the sculpture. They were quite happy with getting the graveyard out of the story and were enthusiatic about seeing the animation of Kew Gardens during different season. Here is a second draft of the animatic with this idea: [youtube][/youtube]