All talk and no Kew, of course not!

Michelle Brown from the London Transport Museum was kind enough to arrange a free visit for the four of us to Kew Gardens! It was a wonderful opportunity to for research and actually visualise our story. The most important agenda for the day was to find a perfect spot or sculpture for  the story to take place at.










There was this really nice  stone in the middle of a patch of gravel with a lovely view of the pagoda at Kew in the background. ( ) We loved the idea of having the pagoda in the background of the shot where she places the flowers. It would give a nice connection to kew without influencing the story.

As we walked, still searching for an appropriate site for her to place the flowers, an idea struck, that what if instead of a grave, sculpture or stone, she places the flowers at a bench.

A bench where she remembers sitting with her parents. A memorial bench that could even have a tag saying "in the loving memory of.."