Final plot outline and animatic

Our story starts with Lily looking at a picture of her parents and her sitting at a bench in Kew. She puts down the picture to reveal a now empty bench with text inscribed on it saying "in the loving memory of Mr. and Mrs. Matthews". She is on her way back home from school. She walks out of scene and into a small enclosed garden and picks flowers from bushes, putting them into a basket. It is spring and there are new blooming flowers. She takes the basket and goes back to the bench to decorate it with flowers. As she decorates, the season changes to summer and then autumn. The number of flowers for decoration decreases gradually until she has nothing but leaves to decorate with in autumn. The autumn wind blows all the dried leaves away..Winter comes and everything is wet and frozen, and the garden is covered with snow. Strong winds are blowing. It blows her school bag away and papers from her bag fly off.. She realises quickly and runs after the papers to catch them. She catches some and puts them into her bag. She catches a glance at one of the crumpled papers in her hands and it looks like something familiar..a flower! She gets an idea and rushes back home to make more paper flowers! She decorates the bench with all the newly made paper flowers. And as she sits there to admire her wonderful handiwork, a tiny spring bud falls on her head. She looks up to see the first flowers of spring.. The winter had passed.

Kyle and I worked together to create rough layouts and color keys for the garden and the bench site throughout the different seasons. The garden would have the big red flower from the poster and we will also try and replicate her pose in the poster smelling the red flower. Here are some of the color keys:

Here is the third and hopefully final 2d animatic!

[youtube][/youtube] In the season change shot, she is actually going behind the bench and summer follows with a screen wipe from screen left to right. When she reaches the end, she takes an orange out of the basket and places it on the bench. As the orange rolls away, she tries to catch it and an autumn screen wipe follows from screen right to left. By the time she catches it, the orange is a pine cone which she places back onto the bench only to see her leaves flying off in the wind.