Of skirts and faces - Modelling Lily

Modelling Lily was the most time consuming part of this project (rigging took a close second). The model had to be passed from Temi to Mona to Kyle to me, until it could finally be called done and ready for rigging. There were initial issues with the character design when Temi started modelling, which we decided to change after our workshop with Vincent Woodcock. Mona restarted the model according to the new designs and this is what she built  ↓

Although it was a good attempt, there were a lot of issues with this model. The bigger ones were that  her face looked much older than 8-9 years old, the legs didn't quite look right and the skirt wasn't exactly box pleated, with a rough mesh that would be hard to rig. The smaller ones (or which we then thought, and turned out to be big during rigging) were like the fingers that were built in a way that would be quite hard to rig, and also the hair, which did not have that appeal.

Kyle suggested reworking the face from scratch and I took on fixing the rest of the issues. I started with remodelling the skirt so that each pleat could have one joint chain each during rigging. I also added geometry so it would be possible to texture in a belt Also, it was important to have a simpler, more defined mesh.

I also fixed proportions on the legs, making them straighter, straightening the fingers as much as possible without remodelling them, fixing other miscellaneous geometry, and basically anything else that would possibly give us problems during rigging.

After Kyle finished remodelling the face, I gave it some final touches like closing the mouth, fixing the eyelids, the ears, changing the shape of the head to make it look a bit feminine, and overall smoothening out the mesh:

 At the same time, I was helping out Mona with Lily's hair, and we decided that it would be best to have a polygon plane for her hair, rather than having it more 3-dimensional, and that we should keep the cuts at the bottom like in the initial designs. The hair looked good that way, with the textures that Mona put on it. Finally Lily was done modelling and looked like this!

With 2d paint textures (her dress was not to be blue, this was just to test the textures) :