3d animatic, cameras and shot divisions

As Lily's rig was being improved on, I used initial versions of the rig to set cameras for the shots. Using placeholders as backgrounds in 3d was a good idea, as we wouldn't otherwise know the scale and relevance of  Lily and some props, which were 3d. in comparison to the 2d backgrounds. So I scaled the placeholder backgrounds (the bedroom, the garden and the bench site) to create a template file so that everyone could use it in their animation shots without there being any confusion with scale. After setting the shot compositions, I exported out cameras for all the 22-23 shots so that people could import them into their respective scenes.

Then after discussing, we had our shot divisions (at least then). I color coded the storyboard for less confusion as there were a lot of shots. These are the initial shot divisions:

Here is the rough cut at that point: