Animation time!

After shot divisions, started to work on the shots I allotted myself. Although I had to rework on or fix almost all the shots in the movie, my exclusive shots were the ones after she reaches the bench and starts decorating until when winter comes. (The shots in the green, and another one in the yellow!) Animating Lily was fun! The references we took with Ioli Filippakopoulou, our acting guide, were really helpful. shot11_ref_177


It was a bit of a trouble dealing with the skirt as the legs kept intersecting with the skirt and the rig couldn't really bend into specific positions. So I had to be really careful with silhouettes and couldn't really copy a few poses from my reference due to rig limitations. Here is a blocking vid:


As is quite evident, there are a lot of issues with timing, and there needs to be a lot of work done with parenting.

The hardest part was the bit where she goes around the bench as there are atleast 5-6 /more flowers that need to be parented to her wrist and duplicated with keyed visibilities, which was getting a bit confusing. Doing the orange that turns into an acorn was a tricky one as I had to figure out a way to have the same animation for the screen wipe of the seasons without changing animation. So I parented the acorn under the orange, so that when she holds the orange, it would actually be both, just that the acorn would be invisible, and vice versa. For summer, the visibility of the orange would be on, and for fall, the acorn would be on, combined with the visibility switches of the background decorations. It was fun to animate all the leaves blowing away in the wind. I grouped them together so I could animate the group and also animate the leaves individually. Here is the final video of my animated shorts, so it is clearer what I'm talking about.


I was really happy with the way the transition of the seasons looked with the acting and the compositing. Although it could still do with a lot more work, its the best I could get in the given time!