Dress Colors for Lily

It was time to decide what colors would go well for Lily's dress in contrast with the different season backgrounds. It had to be such that the there would be enough attention on her, but not that she wouldn't blend in the backgrounds. It was also important that the colors of the dress would signify the current mood of the shots. So I decided that it might be best that her uniform changes gradually from a nice pink in the spring to grey in the winters. Reminded me of the different summer and winter uniforms we had in school back home! I did a test on Photoshop of her dress in all different seasons and gave Monalisa the color palettes for setting up shaders on Maya.

I thought the colors of her dress suited the moods quite well as it goes from bright and happy to dull and sad. I was a bit worried that the greens of the spring might be quite bright for her dress but it worked fine as the viewer attention went to the colors that were moving before anything else.