I had a dream..

11/01/13  It was the new year and time for new projects, our final one, the most dreaded one. Everybody thinks about their grad project even before they start the course. Before I started, I had been thinking about ideas of doing a piece from the Mahabharata, the great Indian epic, or a small abstract animation from The God of Small Things, a beautifully written novel by Arundhati Roy. Both these stories are very close to my heart. But this was a time when I wasn't sure if I was going to be pursuing 2d or 3d animation. One and a half years later, its clear that doing justice to any of these books would be almost close to impossible in 3d, especially if it is a solo project. So I decided to leave it for the future when I'm better equipped (of course, copyrights will have be obtained when the time comes if the need arises!) For now, I have decided to do a story that I dreamt about! Can't recall much of the dream except that there was a man going into a shop which had a board saying "Mood Change Shop" to buy happiness. Too profound? Let's say to buy a happy mood.. I don't know what this says about my mental state!! But when I woke up, I realised this would be a wonderful way of showcasing different walk cycles for my demoreel, before he goes into the shop and after he comes out. It would be very interesting to show different moods by just acting.  I just had to think of a premise around it. For my pitch, I decided to fill out Stanislavski's Seven Questions to help build my story:

- Who am I - A 29 year old man. My name is Maroon. - Where am I - In a present day surrealistic town on the outskirts of London. (Still need to think of a name) - When am I - 2012 - What do I want - To be happy - Why do I want it - Because it sucks to be depressed - How do I get it - By buying a happy mood at the shops - What is stopping me - I ran out of money

I pitched this story, as far as I had, to the class. They thought it was a nice concept. I still need to figure out an appropriate narrative for the idea.