An Vrombaut

17/01/13 This week we had An Vrombaut as a guest lecturer. She is the creator of the animated TV series 64 Zoo Lane and Florrie's Dragons. Talking about her own career, she gave some really good insight into how to go about making your own TV series. It is very important for the story to have structure, character and authenticity.  After you find a UK broadcaster (the toughest job), who will only sponsor about 25% of your budget (might vary), you need to find sponsorship for the rest of your budget, which might even come from international sources who would be interested in airing your show.

For every episode,  there needs to be: 1. A Pitch Document - an initial pitch of the episode narrative 2. A Writing Bible - a rough script 3. An Official Bible - the final script 4. A License Guide -  for merchandising and retail purposes

I've always wondered about how different professional studios go about organising the process of animating a short. According to her, each episode follows the following process: 1. Story outline before the script 2. Official Script 3. Voice recording of characters 4. Model Sheets 5. Storyboarding - Thumbnail board and then Final Board 6. Animation 7. Post Production 8. Branding and Merchandising (packaging, story books, etc.)

Here is a rough format of a Writing Bible: A. Episode Structure 1. Title Sequence 2. Intro Sequence - Details 3. The Story - Narration, Episode Story, Dialogue, Moral, DOs and DON'Ts 4. End Sequence 5. Credits B. Settings Contains environment and placement settings with layouts and visuals. C. Character Individual detailed descriptions of each character and their personality with illustrations.

It was really lovely to see the writing bible for an episode 64 Zoo Lane with beautiful illustrations of characters in their settings.

Here are some of An's movies that I am a huge fan of:

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