Joanna Quinn

31/01/13 This week we had the amazing Joanna Quinn come in for a 2 day workshop  with our class. The workshop was a drawn animation one and our brief was to create a 6 second piece of animation with sound, to be screened the next afternoon. 6 seconds in a day and a half! Sounded quite challenging, but it was good to know that we weren't expected to do any clean up of our animation. It was supposed to include carefully punctuated animation between actions and emotions and properly analyse timing of the action by taking appropriate reference. The plot had to follow 7 different actions and 5 different emotion changes: 1. The character drinks a potion 2. Waits for something to happen (anticipation) 3. A sudden change of emotion and character changes emotional state 4. Character comes out of it and reflects on what happened 5. Relaxes at being normal again 6. Suddenly something "extreme" happens to the character

I decided to have my character "Joe" drink the potion, wait, become crazy angry shoving things off of a table, snap back to his normal self, act apologetically at his behaviour and turn into a bunny that hops away!

There were some really important guidelines we got before starting, that I think I should follow for all my subsequent animations: 1. No straight lines 2. Never have the character face on 3. Arms and legs should not mirror each other 4. Explore 3d space and overlapping planes 5. Know for sure where the camera is 6. Work from key to key 7. Push and exaggerate the acting so the emotions and thoughts are clear to the audience 8. Work fast and rough so you don't lost tract of your destination by getting too involved in details 9. No clean up (this is for this exercise only)

I took a reference I liked and started getting used to drawn animation again (it had been a while!) It was a wonderful change to work with pencil and paper again rather than on the computer. Here is the piece I created:

[youtube][/youtube] There was some problem with my "table layer" that didn't show because of a demo version of Flipbook that only allows two layers.

And here is a compilation of the whole class's magic potion movies put together:



It was really lovely work from everyone in a day and a half. Joanna also gave us souvenir badges! I got the awesome Beryl, the main character of her film "Body Beautiful" :