Developing The Story - Lets see some pearly whites, Maroon!

(...continued) 3. You can buy it but it wont come off! - I was constantly thinking about stories when I thought what if a smile that Maroon buys doesn't come off, that it stays forever. That could get awkward by landing in situations that weren't funny, with him smiling like an idiot. Like a car accident where everyone is concerned but he has a massive grin on his face, or a newspaper with bad news with him standing laughing like he caused the bad news. People would get annoyed and treat him badly.20130504_212820-1 He would get so frustrated with being misunderstood that he goes back to eventually return that smile to the shop. With funny details like hiding behind a plank with a plain face on to hide his smile and the returns being much more expensive than the price of the actual smile. And then he would come out of the store relieved and happy to be himself again (hopefully not in a cliched way!)

I decided to settle on this story as it had potential of creating situations that would be great to animate! Also, showing sadness in his eyes while he was still smiling would be a good challenge.

On my way back from school one day, I was planning on researching to develop this story more, so stopped at  the coffee place to prep myself for the night with some mocha when I got the idea. What if Maroon, my character, sees a shop that sells Smiles in different sizes -  Small, Medium and Large (contemplating on changing "Large" to "Ever-lasting").


He goes in, buys the smallest one, and comes out with a smile on his face! He is happy. Suddenly car passes by and spashes water on him. He is annoyed and his smile wears off (it was the cheapest one). So he quickly goes in to buy another, larger one. He comes out, skips in his happiness with his big new smile until...he falls down a manhole! This time he decides to buy the largest one, which is not supposed to come off. He is really happy, skipping in slow motion. feeding the ducks in the park, having many icecreams, hitting on girls.. But then..he goes upto a girl who struck his eye and while offering her one of his icecream cones, spills it on her. Seeing his big smile, she thinks he did it on purpose. Trying to back away from that situation, he trips on an old lady's cane and falls down hard. To make matters worse, the old lady, to avoid inconvenience, takes the easy way and simply walks over him. He is so frustrated that he gets up to go back to the shop to return the everlasting smile. He comes out, sad again, but then smiles of relief.

There are more situations i can add to the story, slipping on a banana peel, bird pooping on Maroon's head, etc., but I will try and make the animatic to see how long it comes out to be.