This is actually the second draft of the animatic after I went through changes in the story after the first one: [youtube][/youtube]


I got some good feedback from the guest lecturers that came in to look at our work. Initially, Emma Ewing suggested that I have one same situation that happened before that took him down, after he returns his smile, so its clearer that he doesn't need the smiles anymore to  make him happy. Which is why there is a second car splash at the end of this one as I was trying it out. Sue Tong suggested that I make sure the elements in the two main backgrounds in my story -  the park and the shop - are similar so that the movie connects better. Also, I decided to change the name from mood change shop to SMILES. It is less vague and a clearer concept to have S,M,L smiles, rather than moods. A lot of people thought  I should re-work my camera angles as well. Which is what I did in the next animatic:


I decided to remove the kite-flying scene, as it seemed like it could do without, and would also help make the movie tighter, and also the second car splash as it ends up looking a bit repetitive  I think the cameras still need work, but I will try to tweak them in 3d as they always end up looking a bit different than in 2d drawings.