Shops and Props


Shops and Props

25/05/13 I had to crowd my scenes and make my shops look like shops. I decided to design the poster of the shop on photoshop and import it as a texture. After exploring a few options of colors and fonts, I decided on this one:

Added the varying smileys according to the size of the smile! I took a while to find the perfect font for the Smiles shop board and I ended up with this: 

It was also important to set up promotional boards that lead him to the shop :

I also wanted to put clouds in the scene so designed some quick models and increased incandescence on them so they fit in more in the background.

This was the final look of the shop environment:

I was quite pleased with it! I wanted to put some other shops on the street. So I designed some for all your bubbles and teeth needs:

For the park environment, I decided to give the pond an ocean shader to reflect the ducks. I also made a board that says don't feed the ducks and designed pyramid shaped grass to fit in with the rest of the enviroment with varying shades of green to keep it consistent with the shop background. Here is what that looks like (without the clouds for now!):  

Quickly rigged a toy duck to make them movable enough to suit my purpose. That was fun!